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Create an android app that will allow to create set of audio recording and pictures. That is, have a button to record audio. While clicked, start recording. When clicked again, stop recording. Also ha ...

Take about 5 jpg files each with at least 1MB of size. Create deep zoom collection of these images using Deep Zoom composer on windows 7. Host these deep zoom composition on a server or localhost. Now ...

User's google calendar may not be public. Give details about how to register for api keys for google calendar access. Create a web page and ask user to login to google calendar and so our app can get ...

Give details about how to register for api and get api keys so a question can be posted programmatically. Put a TexBox And a TextArea for title and details of the question on a we ...

Create a web page with a textbox and button. When user inputs a domain name and clicks the button, register that domain with Google Analytics service and get api keys to use it with that domain. Displ ...

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